Sina Poosh Hegmatan Company has started its activity in the field of production of work clothes and uniforms in a specialized way since 2002.

Our company is always trying to provide customers with the best fabric and the highest quality of sewing with the best staff, with the experienced staff.

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Sina Poosh Hegmatan has started its activities in the field of production of work clothes and office uniforms since 2002, and has always tried to fulfill the orders of its customers in an efficient manner, and today it is able to produce all kinds of products in the country. Working and specialized clothing and a variety of fireproof clothing complete the specialized fabrics for the steel, petrochemical and refineries industries and Ratamin industrial plants.

Now, using its many years of experience, it is ready to provide all kinds of specialized clothes and fabrics for the country’s industries with the best possible sewing, with embroidery printing and webna, at the request of dear customers.